help w/ gypsy moths in BC, Canada.

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Dear Ryan,
    With the best of intensions, I must let you know that you are living in
a dream world.  In specific cases for specific reasons we are all against
"spraying". But to be against spraying categorically, is induced not by
facts or the real world but by over-the- edge, environmental agendaism.
"Spraying" is simply an aerial delivery system. So, more articulately, you
would be against all aerial delivery/application of insecticides.Your
instructor probably has a balanced position on the environment, don't be so
quick to dismiss his wisdom.
    I have never seen a Gypsy Moth. However, I have worked for the US
Forest service the last few years (through The International Lepidoptera
Survey of which I am a co-founder) surveying habitat in western North
Carolina for the presence of Phyciodes batesii maconensis. This is relative
to the Forest Services' Gypsy Moth eradication project in that area of the
US. I have recommended against the use of Bt in areas of potential
maconensis habitat even though the butterfly has not yet been found there.
    I see Bt as a very lethal virus potentially devastating to many
lepidoptera. I also know that the Gypsy Moth is also a threat to not only
other lepidoptera (host competition and defoliation) but the overall heath
of The Forest. We are in fact, at war with this unwelcome alien. And though
it has no intent or will of malice, it is at war with the environment into
which it has now become a part. There is a place in this world for
everything. But there is not a place for everything everywhere. Ebola is
not welcome in my body. I am not welcome in the lion's lair -- well maybe
for lunch.
Ron Gatrelle
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Subject: help w/ gypsy moths in BC, Canada.
> I am in my second year of Fish, Wildlife and Recreation at BCIT.  I have
> some projects coming up (i.e. brochures, displays, public awareness) and
> would like to do a few of them on the gypsy threat moth in BC.
> Im against spraying and feel that gypsy moths are of no threat to us.
> say gypsy moths will destroy our forestry industry..... last time I
> BC didn't have a deciduous forestry industry. ect. ect. ect.  I have a
> contact at school, a forestry instructor, but he is for spraying.  In
> in the past he has been in charge of aerial spraying for gypsy moths.  If
> you have any info that may be of use to me... or references or contacts
> would be great.  I believe they are spraying BTK and I'm still not sure
> they are concerned about.. the European gypsy moth Porthetria dispar or
> Asian gypsy moth  Lymantria dispar. I want to look at the actual supposed
> threat, biology, introduction, number of recorded specimens, other
> of spraying i.e. other insects ect. and alternatives....
> If you can help at all that would be great. (Emails preferred)
> Thanks
> Ryan Vandermoor
> Coquitlam, BC
> Canada
> > rvandermoor at>
> P.S. I know there is a plethora of info on the net, but I want info from
> collectors.. I  wish to avoid relying only on info   provided by the
> doing the spraying.
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