Migration strategies

rudy benavides rbenavid at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 04:40:42 EST 2001

Thanks for all your responses which were quite varied.  Especially
concerning the use of migration and dispersal which was used so differently
by some of you (on and off-list). I am comfortable in using the definition
used by Phil Schappert in his book *A World for Butterflies  Their Lives,
Behavior and Future*.  In it he states that "migration is a directed,
long-distance, seasonal movement of individuals, whereas dispersal does not
necessarily require long distances or need to be seasonal."  Some responses
seemed to imply that for migration to occur, there had to be a return trip
(the re-colonization) associated with the journey--- requiring the journey
be bi-directional to fit the definition.  Mis-interpretation on my part...
or can migration occur in one direction only?  I didn't want to get into a
big definition squabble, but..
Rudy Benavides
In the Maryland Piedmont
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