Migration strategies

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English is not my language but I would be also interested in terms.
Migration, I understand also for long distance movement of a population with
a goal. Classical as Danaus plexippus populations from US to Mexico round
Round trip or not. "Migrations" of Urania from atlantic to pacific coast in
Nicaragua. I do not know why they move and I do not think they go back. Is
this migration ?.
Short trip with goal. Some Pieridae "migrate" by thousands from dry places
to humid places. Is this migration.
I think if we try to put some example it will be more easy to make
Saludos a todos.
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> Thanks for all your responses which were quite varied.  Especially
> concerning the use of migration and dispersal which was used so
> by some of you (on and off-list). I am comfortable in using the definition
> used by Phil Schappert in his book *A World for Butterflies  Their Lives,
> Behavior and Future*.  In it he states that "migration is a directed,
> long-distance, seasonal movement of individuals, whereas dispersal does
> necessarily require long distances or need to be seasonal."  Some
> seemed to imply that for migration to occur, there had to be a return trip
> (the re-colonization) associated with the journey--- requiring the journey
> be bi-directional to fit the definition.  Mis-interpretation on my part...
> or can migration occur in one direction only?  I didn't want to get into a
> big definition squabble, but..
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