Lets get physical

MKJ jantsa at sci.fi
Mon Jan 15 06:28:06 EST 2001

I have many times thought how the lepidopetologist keeps him or her self
in good physical condition. Many lepidopterologist I know are not bodybuilders
and used to sit in side and studying the insects. For years I have created some
methods to combine the physical exercises and the scientific research and difficult it
is truly is but not imbossible.
Here are some good ways to do it...
The habitatman method. Work for the insects like a timberjack in the forrest. Very good exercise
and keeps you in perfect shape.
The orienteering method. Running in the forrest from the habitat to habitat like orienteerer from flag to flag.
Digger method. Exspecially for moth people. Dig the small graves to ground with spade to form a stable
light trap.
Vandering method. Make a huge trip by walking and carring the equipments with you to very far a way located
All the other good methods are wellcome...
Best wishes.
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