Bacillus thuringensis - Quercus suber- Sardinia

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I recall that an article appeared in The Great Lakes Entomologist in 1992 or
1993 dealing with the effects of B. thuringensis on various Lepidoptera
Steve Parshall, Evanston, Illinois
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> > I'd receive information about use of Bt kurstaki in natural forest of
> > mediterrane lands, and in particolar on Qurcus suber forests. The
>effects of
> > use of Bt on natural alimentar cicles.
> > thanks
> > giovanni
>I don't think there is much published. I went through 125 volumes of
>abstracts a while ago looking for stuff on Bt there is very little
>on its effects on or behaviour in non-pest species.
>The only thing I have ever seen, apart from the recent stuff on Monarchs,
>was a short reference to Bacillus as a noticable pathogen in relation to
>the highly endangered swallowtail butterfly Papilio homerus from Jamaica.
>There is very little research on this pathogen's role in ecology.
>What is certain from evolutionary theory is that it that it is highly
>to be reliant on a lepidopterous hosts to survive.
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