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Tue Jan 16 17:31:59 EST 2001

Ron Leuschner recently advised me of a discourse between he and Paul Opler
on "LepNet." I have tried to find this but only get the Def Leppard web
sites. What have I missed here? How do I find these postings?
The Selman and Leuschner paper describing nine new Noctuidae has been
published in The Taxonomic Report. You can order a copy via
www.tils-ttr.org Some folks have expressed interest in the TTR publications
but weren't interested in all papers for the $45  to $55 subscription
price. I have suggested that one goes the route of just getting the Vol. on
CD only which is $25 mailed anywhere. These can also be had on line at the
web site.
Speaking of the web site, I am beginning to get frustrated myself at the
fact that about 40 pictures are now backlogged waiting for the photos
section to be revamped and downsized (bites). Included in the backlog are
the type specimens for Lacinipolia triplehorni. However, there is a back
door to these photos if is anyone is interested. At the web site home page
click on Taxonomic Report. Click on-  to volume 2. Scroll down to 2:8.
Right click on the issue number and the first page will come up full size
in a new window. The two specimens on the mast head are the male (left) and
female (right) of triplehorni.
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