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Actually, guys, if you read the historical data in detail you will find =
that the purpose of the religious clauses in the Constitution were =
designed to keep large organized religions from usurping the rights of the =
minority religions, and the fact that the educational institutions were =
involved was simply that those institutions were where the money was being =
put. (To extend and continue the religious phiilosophies of the various =
religions with the funds to do so).
>>> Mark Walker <MWalker at> 01/16/01 03:12PM >>>
Neil wrote:
> This is why, I believe, the founding fathers of your country=20
> decided to
> keep religion out of schools.
You'd better check your history facts again, my friend.  At the time of =
American Revolution, virtually EVERY institute of higher learning was in
fact a religious institution.  Primary education was mostly performed in =
home (certainly this was true for the affluent founding fathers), and as =
as I can tell the founding fathers went out of their way to ENSURE the
continued right to worship in the home.  I'm privileged to report that =
right still exists - for now, at least.
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