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each years volume on CD we though that we might have bitten off more than
we could chew. However, when the end of the subscription year came around,
we found that this was an easy thing to do. I do hope that more groups will
not only make their old stuff available on CD but their new stuff too.
Especially now that the ICZN allows CD-R recordings as valid taxonomic
publications. (On line papers are disallowed - and rightly so.) I offer the
following as an encouragement to get others moving toward CD publication.
    Right now I am in the process of running off a couple hundred CD's of
TTR (The Taxonomic Report) Volume Two. If I can do it anybody can. (For
those who put out very large numbers, they can be run off commercially but
labeled, boxed and mailed by volunteers at a big savings.)
    We have two versions of the Volume on each CD: 1) Windows word (95 or
2000) and 2) Adobe pdf format.
    We include a file copy of Adobe Reader to drag and drop (upload) on the
subscriber's computer to insure that it can be read by any computer.
    The CD has an auto run program so it self starts on any computer and
brings up a txt text of how and what to do next.
    Even though we use lots of big (even for jpg) picture files in the Word
files, the whole thing takes up only about 10% of the space on a 650
megabit CD.
    We make all the jewel-case inserts and CD labels in house. At 4X
duplicating speed it takes 3 minutes to burn each CD. There are four label
printings needed for each CD: the CD label, the back insert, and two sides
of the inside insert. Once the labels are designed and set up on the
computer, it takes about 1 minute to print all four labels (this includes
several small color pictures). The most time consuming aspect is in taking
each jewel case apart to put the back cover in and re-assembly. All
together it takes about 5-6 minutes to construct each CD.
    We mail all our CDs first class which will cost between $.97 to $1.45
domestic depending on the quality of padded mailer used. Cost of CDs varies
greatly by quality and quantity. We use top of the line Memorex or Sony
    Can a group with a large mailing list do this? Yes. Larger groups have
more finances and can have some or all of this done commercially. Also,
several years ago a religious non-profit I started put out a newspaper
style publication almost every month to between 10 - 15,000 addresses. We
paid a local town paper to print it. Then a bunch of us got together and
labeled, sorted, and bagged all 15,000 copies for bulk mailing to all 50
states. About a dozen of us would knock this out in one day. We did this
for several years. 1,500 CDs could be assembled in one evening. I bet there
are lots of volunteers available to the Lep. Soc. NABA etc. who would
welcome the chance to get with others of like interest to assemble their
group or societies CD for distribution.
    Those groups that use bulk permits would have to work in the limitation
that bulk mail must be mailed from the post office of record. Well, I could
say more but this is a good start.
Check us out and subscribe at - Ron
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> Lepsters,
> We recently received the Coleopterists' Bulletin, Vols. 1-53;
> 1947-1999, here at ODA.  It is all on 1 CD, saved as PDF files.  Are
> there any plans to do something like this for the Lep Soc Journal in
> the near future.  It would also be great to see other publications
> put into this media format, especially some of the harder to find
> ones like "Proceedings" of various large museums that sometimes have
> species descriptions going back to the 1800's.  And what a space
> saver!
> Cheers, Rich
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