Against the Odds

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Fri Jan 19 09:00:28 EST 2001

There are those who are opposed to the collecting of butterflies, it only
effects an extremely small segment of the society. However, several years ago
in one of the fishing magazines that I subscribe to (I am also addicted to
fly fishing) published an article on the anti-fishing movement in North
America. At first I chuckled, In November of 2000 while on business in
California I saw a portion of an ad on television (I had the television on in
the hotel room, I was coming out of the shower when I heard the ad in
progress), the final seconds of the ad had a medium size (Approx. 2 lb.)
large bass  with a lurer large enough for a 500 lb. tune caught on/in its
mouth, flopping about violently on a wood pier, dying in a puddle of blood.
Has anyone else seen this ad? And who sponsored the ad?
Taking on butterfly collectors who have no financial clout is one thing,
taking on the fishing industry is another. The fishing industry generates 40
Billion dollars annually, and 1 in four Americans and 1 in 3 Canadians fish
10 or more times annually (March 1999 issue of the North American Fishing
Does this group have a name?
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