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Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Wed Jan 24 08:17:41 EST 2001

This is the Wrong List to discuss population control. We all know it's
necessary, I imagine we hope that everybody will take individual action
and that therefore governments will not take it over, and we're here to
talk about bugs, worry about bugs, consider how to treat the planet in
order to make bugs happy ...
and hope that as we create a pleasant world for butterflies, the human
population will happily reduce itself; no plagues, poisons, famine and
war called for. A successful organism is one that has grandchildren. If
you are sure that, with an investment in two or three children, you will
have grandchildren, then you're likely to stop at that.
If, on the other hand, your children are dying all around you, a certain
hysterical philoprogenitiveness is to be expected.
There it is then, and the leps list, as I say, recognizes the situation
... but this not the place to figure it out. There are lots of lists ...
Yes, it's babies, not bulldozers, that are taking the wild lands and
requiring all those products. But babies don't make a good enemy.
Speaking as the Department of Symbolism, I'd stick with the bulldozers,
Big Business, and similar scary stuff.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida
"Stanley A. Gorodenski" wrote:
> David Webster wrote:
> >
> >         Exactly. And animals, in conditions suitable for development and
> > reproduction, are adapted to withstand all but massive and sustained
> > increases in predation.
> > But for many organisms those suitable conditions, in portions of their
> > range, are becoming sparse and fragmented. This happens partly because
> > the bulldozer approach is the easiest way and partly because "We grieve
> > only for what we know." and most people are blissfully unaware of the
> > treasures at their feet.
> >         Any activity which gives people an opportunity to interact directly
> > with the natural world, including collecting insects, should be
> > encouraged. Laws which forbid collecting, in my opinion, belong in the
> > circular file.
> I feel the only long range solution to habitat preservation is
> controlling, and even reducing, our own population.  It makes little
> sense, to me, to be passing and enforcing regulations (concerning
> collecting, etc.), and setting aside small conservation areas and
> reserves, when in the long run they will be for nothing if the human
> species continues to swamp the earth.  I would think conservationists,
> if they are serioius about their cause, would also be activily promoting
> population control, but I do not see this happening to any significant
> degree.
> Stan
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