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Subject: Leps-l post
> Dear Felix,
>     I have just posted a piece on Leps-l addressing the status of Papilio
> joanae. In this I eluded to the MS you sent. I tried to not divulge any
> detailed info from the paper. (Has it been published yet?) I am letting
> know about this so you can read it in case I may have misstated any of
> views. I have had very little time to get deep into your paper. I am of
> position that false conclusions can be easily arrived at if genetic data
> not weighed in equal parts with other biological, reproductive, and
> environmental information in many cases. Your comments on eurymedon >are
an example of how other factors are very pertinent.
> Ron
The above is a copy of a post I sent to Dr. Sperling _immediately_ after I
posted my second try at stirring up discussion on Papilio joanae. Why did I
send this message to him? The answer is simple. It was a matter of
professional courtesy. A courtesy I hope others on this list provide, or
will begin providing to those we may discuss and who may not be aware of
Although I know that Felix is a leps-l subscriber, I also know he is a very
busy man who might not check into leps-l for days. Thus, it was entirely
possible for a discussion to be going on in which his research and name
were being given (accurately or inaccurately) with him never becoming aware
of it. Others had dropped his name before I did. However, I was not going
to do so without his knowledge. Especially, since I brought his research up
to help back up my side of the argument. I am glad he not only responded in
this dialogue, but did so in a thorough manner.
Now, on to what he said. In a nut shell, he said that Papilio joanae should
be left as is - a species. He also said that this may eventually change -
but not yet.
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