Overpopulation v. Willful Stupidity

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Mon Jan 29 07:43:47 EST 2001

Gochfeld said it all with "Western values" that have been imposed,
(whether wanted or not), through the omnipresent media and unthinking,
intrepid "adventurers" who feel obligated to press their so-called
"sophisticated values" on indiginous populations who have managed to
coexist sympatrically with the natural environment for eons of time until
the "western white-bread mentality" was thrown into the mileau.   All it
takes is one individual with manufactured "trinkets" at their dispersal
to corrupt a complacent society.  (And no, the near demise of the
American Bison was NOT a result of "overpopulation:"  it was the result
of willful, white supremecy, i.e. ignorance, by a SMALL handful of
individuals.)   By the way...the "carrier pigeon" is doing just fine (!)
I'd say that the MAJORITY of the "overpopulation" are ineffectual at
best.  There are a select FEW individuals who "run the show," regardless
of the number of people involved.  It doesn't matter if it is a "family
of four" or an entire nation.  To reiterate what Ron Gatrelle posed
through Biblical references:  If one were to take the "first family" as a
case in point:  Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel (and "Pinch Me") COULDN'T
even get along in their "underpopulated" existence....and the entire
Earth was their oyster!  Fable or not, it still can serve as a metaphor.
Blame overpopulation if you must...it's as easy a "rationalization" as
anything else.  Like I said:  all it takes is ONE thoughtless, elitist
individual to disrupt an entire ecosystem.  We live in a world of EXCESS,
however poorly distributed.  While WE suffer the pangs of obesity and
other metabolic disorders because of our nutritionally unsound,
sedentary, "excessive" life style, we nevertheless try to inflict our
cultivated, capitalistic moors on undiscerning others. Third World
countries DON'T "need" McDonald's hamburgers or Coca-Cola, much less
outboard-motors, anymore than WE do.  They need to "evolve" in their own
time and place.  Witness Russia: they are KILLING  themselves as a nation
from "too much, too soon," after years of living in a restrained
Communist regime.
Does anyone recall how the AIDS epidemic "started?"  As I recall, it was
traced back to ONE "sexually indiscriminate" individual who had the
finances to "globe trot"...
We don't have to "worry" about overpopulation:  we just got rid of
13,000+ Indians by an unforseen natural disaster...and that's "what they
get" for breeding like rabbits and refusing to embrace the Western
"status quo" (!)  Hmmph!  Not knowing enough about Indian history, I can
only speculate that THEIR problems started when the British moved
in...like Africa and Australia...and yes, North America.  (And please,
Neil, DON'T get your "knickers all in a twist...")  We "smug and smart"
Americans" are just as responsible for the current state of world affairs
as the British were in their hey-day... a small fraction of the
"overpopulation" if you ask me...
Blame it on "overpopulation," but don't assume the responsibility that
OUR white-bread elitist heritage has anything to do with it.
Get me off this soapbox, PLEASE...  (This is what happens when you turn
50 and are jaded and weary with the world...)
Anyone seen any good Leps lately?!
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