ethyl acetate + wax as used here

kimmo keinänen kim.kei at
Tue Jan 30 20:36:21 EST 2001

A new method of using ethyl acetate mixed with candle
wax has pretty well revolutionalized parts of collecting
here in Finland. The use of other toxics (poisons) is no
longer motivated.
You melt about 2 centiliters of wax in a glass jar which
is in a bed of nearly boiling water. Then add 1 - 1,5 dl
ethyl acetate and mould  any little container with a surface
area of about 150- 200 square centimeters to have a long
lasting kill-effect inside a trap.
You can use a jar moulded with this soap-like ethyl acetate
for weeks as your killing- jar without needing to fill any ethyl
acetate. I've mixed 4 centiliters of wax with 3 dl ethyl acetate
and moulded it to the bottom of a plastic jelly-jar , surface
some 150 square centimeters and about 2 cm thick, and this
kills in a trap-size container weeks !!
kim   k
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