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Sun Jun 3 20:48:17 EDT 2001

I will be in Colorado searching for butterflies to photograph from June 23 to 
July 2.   I will be seeking out butterflies on the eastern slope and summits 
(if the passes are open by then) just west of Denver in the vicinity of Mt. 
Evans, Loveland Pass, Apex Park, etc.  Could someone who is familiar with 
this area tell me if the butterflies I have listed below can be found during 
this time period and in this area?  I have been using field guides to help me 
determine the time period and locations for these butterflies, but I know 
that these guides are often far too general and often not accurate.  I would 
also be delighted for any helpful hints that you can offer in locating them.  
Thank you.

Papilio machaon
Papilio indra
Pontia beckerii
Colias alexandra
Lycaena heteronea
Lycaena nivalis
Hypaurotis crysalus
Satyrium behrii
Satyrium fuliginosum
Satyrium saepium
Callophrys gryneus
Callophrys eryphon
Celastrina humulus
Euphilotes ancilla
Glaucopsyche piasus
Icaricia shasta
Apodemia mormo
Apodemia nais
Speyeria coronis
Speyeria callipe
Boloria eunomia
Boloria frigga
Boloria freija
Poladryas minuta
Chlosyne gorgone
Chlosyne palla
Chlosyne whitneyi
Phyciodes pallida
Nymphalis californica
Cyllopsis pertepida
Erebia magdelena
Neominois ridingsii
Oeneis uhleri
Oeneis jutta
Oeneis polyxenes
Thorybes mexicanus
Erynnis telemachus
Erynnis pacuvius
Erynnis afranius
Pyrgus centaureae
Oarisma garita
Hesperia Pahaska
Hesperia viridis
Hesperia nevada
Polites draco
Polites sonora

Jerry McWilliams
Erie, Pennsylvania

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