new subspecies

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Wed Jun 6 04:00:11 EDT 2001

June 5 was the official date of publication of TTR 3:2 in which a new
subspecies of Satyrium edwardsii was described from the coastal area of
South Carolina. In this paper there are also photos of two other
undescribed/undetermined sympatric Satyrium taxa at the type locality.
There is a total of 5 or 6 banded Satyrium taxa in the upper coastal region
of SC and almost certainly the southern part of this same region in NC
also. Some of these look very much alike and it is very difficult to
identify many specimens in the field as to which species they belong. This
new taxon is restricted to the coastal region of the deep South and may
extend across coastal Alabama and Mississippi to southeastern Texas. The
first page of TTR 3:2 will NOT be posted on the TILS web site any time


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