science vs anecdotes

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Wed Jun 6 12:01:13 EDT 2001

Red Admirals still represent one of the largest groups of butterflies we are 
seeing here in the Patapsco River watershed in Baltimore County.  But they 
have not started moving again like they were doing earlier last month...for 
the moment anyway.  They seem to have settled into the main function of 
nectaring and egg-laying.  Others in good numbers:  Papilio glaucus, 
Celastrina ladon neglecta, Colias eurytheme, and Vanessa virginiensis.


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>Subject: science vs anecdotes
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>To followup:  I have noticed that during May most of the many Red
>Admirals seen near our house in central New Jersey were not engaged in
>fast, direct, low flight (as described), but in the last week, all of
>the Red Admirals seem bent on migrating somewhere (not necessarily
>Now that's "anecdote".
>M. Gochfeld
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