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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Wed Jun 6 13:28:58 EDT 2001

M. Gochfeld wrote:
FYI---this is indeed a beautiful picture (although rather redder than
Cecropia). It took 27 min to download on my home laptop, tying up a lot
of work that needed to be done.
In the future please post such pictures to a website address.
Downloading an imagine from a website, takes only about 20 sec on the
same computer.

First, I agree that with the way things currently stand, these should be
posted elsewhere. (A lesson I had to learn myself here.)  And - a lap top
has definate limitations (to my limited knowledge).  Now to my post.

The computer and internet has surely shrunk our world. However, at the same
time this same technology moves so fast that we as users are becoming
further and further apart in our "real time" connections and access through
it, to each other,  and the things it offers. (I am someone who knows very
little about computers - but have a son and son-in-law who are
professionals and have "hooked me up".)  From this perspective I have
followed these cecropia posts and it is sinking in to my thick head just
how much distance there is between all of us as users due to the diversity
of internet access we have and "size" of our home computers.  I have a
"small" 566? 10gig? Compaq (pretty much off the shelf). I do have 128 of
memory and am hooked up to a cable modem with unlimited email.

Downloading this picture from the email took me about 3 seconds, from a web
site it would be instantaneous. I have nothing to compare this to because
when my "sons" hooked me up in 98 I started out with a cable connection
(Comcast At Home)

What I am saying is this. Some of us are riding on Donkeys and some in race
cars. Some are using Passenger Pigeons and some the phone.  IF you are one
of those who lives in an area of this planet where basic basic technology
is all you have access to or can afford, then I honestly do hope that in
the near future you will be able to get "aboard" this vehicle in its
fullness.  For those who are not "hooked up" to the Web/Net at where it is
in the 21st century - don't complain as you are only "getting what you paid
for".  Yes, it costs me right at $50 a month for cable access - but
unlimited email and instant transfer of data is well worth it. If I had to
go back (in computer years) a century and use what some of you have I would
probably go crazy.

There is a World gap between those today who have and do not have computers
or internet access. There is also a very big gap between those who have and
those who _really_ have internet access.  The net/web is not waiting for
anyone. This is a rocket ship not a mule. Put your saddle in the barn and
BUY a ticket.  For those in other parts of the world or who are poor -
perhaps some of the millionaires on this group can fork over a few hundred
bucks and help you out.  IF I WERE RICH that is exactly what I would do -
because when I had my own business (20 years ago) I gave away over half of
what I made to help people. Which is why I gave up that career in dental
prosthetics and went full time into "ministry". That is the side of me none
of you see.


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