P. glaucus and P. canadensis

David Bell dbell at magma.ca
Wed Jun 6 13:28:25 EDT 2001

The best way to identify the two is by the black stripe along the inner
margin of the forewing is broader in canadensis.
David B.
"gwang" <gwang at mb.sympatico.ca> wrote in message
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> Hi y'all
> I was under the impression that a sure way to distinguish P. glaucus and
> canadensis was that the yellow marginal spots on the underside of the
> forwings of canadensis were fused into a continuous band while the same
> spots on glaucus were just spots and not a continuous band.  However,
> under the species descriptions section at the Butterflies and Skippers
> of North America website by P. Opler et al
> (http://www.nearctica.com/butter/index.htm), they claim that the
> continuous banding can be found in both species.  Any thoughts?  Any
> other suggestions on distinguishing the two other than locality..etc?
> Peace,
> Xi
> P.S.  They also claim that P. machaon now includes brevicauda.  How and
> when did this happen?


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