Red Admiral flight

BrianRFG at BrianRFG at
Wed Jun 6 16:29:04 EDT 2001

    I was at the Hubble School in Bristol today and the 1st graders and I 
noticed 61 Red Admirals going zoom-zoom-zoom northward bound across the 
school yard. That was in 165 minutes of watching. We also saw a Mourning 
Cloak motoring northward and 9 American Ladies moving north at a more relaxed 
    Thank you especially to those of you who provide detailed information on 
Red Admirals, including #'s seen migrating and time spent observing. We are 
seeing a wonderful migration (on the heels of a very fine migration of 
American Ladies) and if we get enough data collected this time around we 
shall be able to say more than "there sure were a lot of admirals in 2001" 
and we'll have good comparative data when the next big flight comes along.
    Brian Cassie


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