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Thu Jun 7 15:53:05 EDT 2001

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>Subject: RE: Fwd: York/Rock Hill Butterfly Count?
>   I and quite a few other collectors have been sorely and frequently 
> offended by the aggressive tactics of the "watch-only" movement. I 
> personally have been most upset by the effect this has had on a number of 
> new young lepidopterists coming along. The ramifications of the 
> "watch-only" campaign have gone far beyond lepidoptery. By affecting US 
> wildlife and customs law the movement has damaged our US ability to 
> participate equally with scientists in other countries. This we should be 
> thoroughly ashamed of!
>   As a NABA BoD member you could help mend fences by suggesting that NABA 
> disassociate itself from the "watch-only" movement. A "watch-mainly" 
> approach (which is what most of us older collectors do anyway) would be 
> quite acceptable. We might even be persuaded to support NABA.
>   Our Austin Count was posted on TX-BUTTERFLY last year and will be again 
> this year. A report on the yearly trends is in the making.
>...............Chris Durden
>At 03:57 PM 6/6/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>>Dear Chris,
>>         I know you have no love for NABA. But as a member of the NABA BoD,
>>as well as the rules committee for the the counts, I can tell you there is
>>absolutely nothing that would preclude you or anyone else that matter from
>>submitting a count to NABA even it it was strictly a count of netted and
>>dead butterflies. Would someone be offended? Maybe. But I for one welcome
>>the publication of as much data (including hearsay, which us birders have
>>been using for years to compile data since folks became unhappy with those
>>noisy shotguns) as we can get.
>>         I would assume that even if you won't send your Austin Count data to
>>NABA as part of the official count process that you will at least publish it
>>here on Leps -L so we can all share the fruits of your yearly endeavors.
>>---Best regards, Fred


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