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Daniel Glaeske, MD glaeske.md at sk.sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 7 20:54:46 EDT 2001


I have seen dione in both wet and dry habitats here in southern 
Saskatchewan.  I do tend to see it more often in wetter areas, slough 
edges, gully bottoms with a rich swade of grass, and moist meadows, 
usually where Rumex is common.  All my sightings are late June to late 
July.  However, I saw several out in the badlands south of Wood Mountain 
where I could not see a Rumex in sight. 

In Minnesota, I only found it very wet areas, never on the prairie (what 
little there was). 

Daniel Glaeske,
St. Victor, SK
Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX wrote:

> I am at the moment reviewing a report on this butterfly and the report
> alleges that this species is not found in drier habitats with Rumex but is
> to be expected only in wet habitats.  This is not entirely consistent with
> my observations.  Has anyone else found Lycaena dione in non-wet habitats
> with Rumex ?? Details appreciated if you have. Thank you.
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