Nectar and kingi

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Years ago I made the classic mistake of thinking Sweet Gum might be a host.
They mistake was due to the simple fact that a butterfly has to have
somewhere to sit (stand).  Kingi was found in large numbers by Steve Roman
decades ago in Arkansas. I don't have a range map on Symplocos.  That is
the only host I know of. It is interesting that this species seems to be
close to liparops which has been found on Flame Azalea. It would not
surprise me if kingi feeds on native Azaleas too. When I found the colony
in Orangeburg Co. SC I looked around a good bit and saw no Symplocos. I
will check in spring when it blooms and is east to spot through the
"leafless" spring woods.


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> Ron,
>     Are there any records for larval food of *S. kingi* other than
> *Symplocos*. We have a recent record for *kingi* from Austin TX, beyond
> reported range of *Symplocos*.
> ........................Chris Durden


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