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BIDYOURMOVE.COM - Name your price for Moving Services.

Only the best companies in the Industry - Allied, Mayflower, United, and the top independent carriers, will have access to your move at YOUR PRICE. You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next move....

How do I use Bidyourmove?

1. Simply fill out the forms detailing all the items, dates, valuation, storage, and any other services you require. 
2. Enter the Bid you are willing to pay for your move.
3. You're Done. - A moving company should contact you within 24 hours. 

What protection do I have with Bidyourmove?

In today's market, if problems arise with a mover, there is no real outlet or organization to assist you, until now. Bidyourmove & are members of the American Moving & Storage Association (ASMA) as well as the New York Movers' and Warehouseman's Association. 

We will assist you as a consumer advocate if problems occur with your carrier. All members of Bidyourmove are willing participants of AMSA's arbitration program and are willing to arbitrate if no resolutions are meet and all parties do agree. 

Why would these elite carriers take my move at my price?

Movers will be willing to take your move for the follow predominate reasons: 

1. When doing a long distance move, a truck has to fill out all available space and deliver shipments within certain date ranges. A carrier will be willing to take a job at a discount rather than leave without being full. 

2. When a truck is out of town, it is very difficult to return home with a full load. Bidyoumove will allow top carriers all over the country to fill up their trucks on the return trip. These carriers will be willing to do a your move at a discount because they are already going in your direction. 

3. Moving companies have a certain amount of regular crews that they utilize daily. Moving Company owners would rather keep their labor busy rather than send these crews home for the day, even if means they make less money. 

Are you ready for World-class moving at your price...


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