Red Admiral migration

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Thu Jun 7 23:11:54 EDT 2001

Rudy wrote: 
Red Admirals still represent one of the largest groups of butterflies we 
are  seeing here in the Patapsco River watershed in Baltimore County.  
But they  have not started moving again like they were doing earlier 
last month...for  the moment anyway.  They seem to have settled into the 
main function of nectaring and egg-laying.  Others in good numbers:  
Papilio glaucus, Celastrina ladon neglecta, Colias eurytheme, and 
Vanessa virginiensis.

I had written that most of the Red Admirals I had seen locally (central 
NJ) were not migrating.  Not so today and yesterday.  No they are moving 
steadily (albeit north in some places and northwest in others), at a 
rate of about  1 every 2 min.  Indeed, some fly low  and rise over 
obstructions, but I see others flying more than a hundred feet above the 
ground. This is a clear departure from last week. 

M. Gochfeld


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