Red Admiral migration

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Thu Jun 7 23:47:16 EDT 2001

Michael Gochfeld wrote:

> Indeed, some fly low  and rise over
> obstructions, but I see others flying more than a hundred feet above the
> ground. This is a clear departure from last week.

Michael, are the Red Admirals that are 100+ feet in the air in 
gliding/soaring flight or powered flight?  Are the high altitude
Red Admirals flying over open flat ground or over areas with 
numerous obstructions in their path (e.g. trees, buildings, etc).
Any idea what the wind speed and direction was when you
observed the high altitude flights?  Are you confident the
high altitude butterflies were Red Admirals and not Virginia

Paul Cherubini, Placerville, Calif.


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