Lycaena dione

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Yes. As singles, flying with *editha montana* and apparent intergrades in a 
montane dry meadow on moraine in Carbon Co. MT and in a subalpine 
unglaciated (nunatak) limestone meadow in Stillwater Co. MT. As multiples 
alone near pothole sedge marsh in dry moraine (submontane), on a submontane 
gravel bench with high sagebrush in Carbon Co. MT. As multiples with an 
intergrade to *rubidus* along a formerly moist bar-ditch near Greybull in 
the Bighorn Basin WY. That is from memory. I can supply dates from the 
collection if needed. I consider all these on clear genitalic grounds to be 
species of *Chalceria* and very different from typical *Lycaena*.
.............Chris Durden

At 12:10 PM 6/7/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I am at the moment reviewing a report on this butterfly and the report
>alleges that this species is not found in drier habitats with Rumex but is
>to be expected only in wet habitats.  This is not entirely consistent with
>my observations.  Has anyone else found Lycaena dione in non-wet habitats
>with Rumex ?? Details appreciated if you have. Thank you.
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