Removing legs in nets--Lycaenids

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Sun Jun 10 06:44:27 EDT 2001

Being an ex-collector, but still feeling the draw of it, thought I'd
share an experience I had Friday evening. I visit a nursing home in a
rural setting every evening and there are many outside lights. As I walk
in I always look for moths and/or the wings lying on the ground. Well, I
observed a luna which seemed to be very weak and  as I attempted to pick
it up it crawled into my hand. Still thinking it was dying I held it
gently and was going to try to find a way to bring it home and mount it
as I used to. As I continued walking inside it started moving its wings
stronger and stronger and I released my grip on it and it flew away. I
watched as it flew 40-50 yards to the bordering forest and landed in a
tree. I am quite sure it was a female and I'm hoping at least she may
have laid some more eggs in a little better place than cement. 

Delaware County, NY   

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