RF Pix - Migrating Ladies or?

Dameron, Wanda be496 at lafn.org
Sun Jun 10 22:39:17 EDT 2001


	Does anyone happen to have any picture(s) of swarms of butterflies of
any of the species that have been involved in the incredibly enormous
spring migrations this year?   An article on this phenomenon for
"American Butterflies" is in the offing, but pix are highly desireable. 
Your donation to this cause would be greatly appreciated.

	Thank you for your consideration,  

				Sincerely, Wanda

Wanda Dameron
Flutterby Press
LA-NABA, LepSoc, ATL, Lorquin, Xerces
23424 Jonathan St., Los Angeles, Ca. 91304
818-340-0365     be496 at lafn.org


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