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Randy Emmitt birdcr at concentric.net
Sun Jun 10 23:50:17 EDT 2001


I`d be happy to donate photos of Painted Ladies, but American Butterflies 
only wants slides, I see no reason in todays digital age that I should have 
to risk sending a slide (valued at $1500 each) to be handled by at least 
three people for no compensation. I don`t feel dupes can cut what a good 
original scan can do either. I could offer 25 mb digital scans on CD or 
online except they won`t take them. And I know that if I scan them they 
would be better than most process scanners work anyway for no cost. So with 
the standing policy I can not help them, nor would want my slides handled 
and returned. I`m sure these kind of ridiculous policies have stopped many 
a good photographer from sending in really good slides.

I recently took photos of Painted ladies on Marshalia obovata, 
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Oenothera fruticosa and Gaillardia pulchella. 
Two photos are at http://www.rlephoto.com/butterflies/painted_lady01.html

Saturday while on a seakayak trip this weekend to find 15 Painted Ladies on 
Cape Lookout, Harkers Island and Shackleford Banks along North Carolinas 
coastal area. We saw many other Vanessa  species on the wing over the sound 
and passing by on trails that we didn`t get IDs on. As far as I know our 
state high count on the species was 9. Today the Cape Lookout didn`t turn 
up one Painted Lady, only 4 American Ladies which we didn`t see any 
yesterday. Once arriving at the National Seashore Headquarters at 5:30 
today I promptly found 10 Painted Ladies on lantana and white clover in 
their lawn. We really didn`t go butterflying, we just happened into them.

Randy Emmitt
Rougemont, NC

Randy Emmitt Photography
Carolina Butterfly Society webmaster

At 10:39 PM 6/10/01, Dameron, Wanda wrote:
>         Does anyone happen to have any picture(s) of swarms of butterflies of
>any of the species that have been involved in the incredibly enormous
>spring migrations this year?   An article on this phenomenon for
>"American Butterflies" is in the offing, but pix are highly desireable.
>Your donation to this cause would be greatly appreciated.
>         Thank you for your consideration,
>                                 Sincerely, Wanda
>Wanda Dameron
>Flutterby Press
>LA-NABA, LepSoc, ATL, Lorquin, Xerces
>23424 Jonathan St., Los Angeles, Ca. 91304
>818-340-0365     be496 at lafn.org


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