Fwd: Re: NY Times Butterflying Article

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Mon Jun 11 13:22:19 EDT 2001

I think intellectual elitism also figures into to this 
anti-collector/pinner, anti-breeder/releaser sentiment 
that NABA is promoting; i.e. - that recreational collectors 
and commercial breeders are entomology's lowlifes. 

Sue Halpern, author of the new Monarch book "Four Wings
and a Prayer" said exactly that on page 127 of her book:

"There were some on D-plex list who thought the scientists were
ganging up on Paul Cherubini and whipping him around with their
degrees, bullying him into a version of science to which he didn't
subscribe.  The commercial breeders in particular were aggrieved
on his behalf, but they tended to lurk at the margins since their
activities were even more reviled than Cherubini's own transfer
"experiments."  They were entomology's lowlifes, people who treated
butterflies as --in Bob Pyle's disparaging phrase -- "biodegradable
balloons".  And now Cherubini had joined their ranks, picking off
chrysalids whereever he could find them, hatching out the butterflies
and selling them fresh to breeders."


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