Red Admiral migration

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jun 13 03:14:31 EDT 2001

Sally wrote:

> I am curious about how high red admirals can fly, also. One person told me
> that red admirals were laying in the courtyard of an office building
> (perhaps three stories). Another said that was not possible because they
> would fly over the top of that building and into the courtyard. All this is
> hearsay. Anybody else know about red admirald habits?

Perhaps someone on the list has knowledge of butterfly gardens atop
city skyscrapers. I do know the Bank of America in San Francisco was
considering a butterfly garden on top of its building about 3 years ago
but did not follow it up. Certainly Red Admirals and other Vanessa
butterflies, heliconids, monarchs, etc. could be expected to be visit 
skyscraper and courtyard butterfly gardens. Monarchs and Vanessa's
are also sometimes found atop the highest mountains in California such
as the crest of the White Mountains (14,000 feet) near Bishop, Calif.
according to  lepidopterist Derham Guiliani who lives in the area.

Paul Cherubini


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