Bend the Facts

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jun 13 12:33:48 EDT 2001

Leroy C. Koehn, Georgetown, Kentucky wrote:

> Paul Cherubini has a way of bending the facts to fit his agenda.
> He should be a politician. Clinton did it with sex, Bush will do it in 
> the Alaska wilderness.

When anyone of us does not like or agree with someones else's views 
we can accuse them of bending the facts to fit an agenda. For example,
yesturday you wrote:

> I have watched many of my favorite localities and habitats leveled by the
> bulldozer.

But you didn't mention that probably most and maybe all these favorite localties
were created by bulldozers, plows and saws to begin with. Kentucky was
mostly all hardwood forest 200 years ago and plows and saws probably
created the clearings where you found good butterflying in years' past.

> I have seen the drift from insecticide spraying of crops kill
> thousands of insects around the fields and into the forest, including
> butterflies.

But you didn't mention that thousands is nothing in relation to the millions 
of insects and butterflies that were not exposed and not the overall 
impact is likely trivial. Butterflies continue to be abundant (though diversity has
been reduced) in the most intensely farmed land on the planet:
(the midwestern USA).

> I have witnessed the tremendous growth of the Pest Control
> business (Don't kid yourself. When the Orkin man treats your lawn with
> insecticides, what about the skipper larvae muching on your lawn grass) 

But you didn't mention that only a tiny fraction of homeowners have their
lawn or yard sprayed so the overall impact of the Orkin man is likely trivial.
Skippers continue to be abundant in urban lawn settings. Butterflies
are still common in Los Angeles and Mexico City despite the smog.

Paul Cherubini


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