False connection

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Wed Jun 13 16:20:20 EDT 2001

Chris Durden wrote:

> If they have recently changed these positions to 
> something a little more tolerant of other serious viewpoints
> I would be happy to support NABA.

Unfortunately, we have not seen any indication of NABA willing to
move more toward positions of moderation and tolerance.

For example, in recent years Dr. Chip Taylor has published dozens 
and dozens of recoveries at the overwintering sites in Mexico of
monarchs raised indoors in school classrooms. And for the past 
a year and a half Jacob Groth has posted many recoveries at both the
Mexican and California oveerwintering sites, of lab reared monarchs 
released in the Rocky Mountain States.

Despite this extensive data, indicating monarchs reared indoors 
still migrate to overwintering sites, NABA continues
to post the following information on its web site:

"Now imagine tens of thousands of mixed-up Monarchs unable to 
find the way to their overwintering grounds. This depressing image 
may become a reality if the rapidly-growing fad of releasing butterflies, 
ncluding Monarch butterflies, at weddings, state fairs, and other public 
events continues to spread. Because the released Monarchs may have 
come from California, for instance, where they do not
migrate to Mexico, their offspring may not be able to orient properly,.
Because the Monarchs were raised inside under unnatural conditions, 
it is possible that their  delicate migratory physiology may not have been 
turned on."


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