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Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Wed Jun 13 17:01:57 EDT 2001

To Joshua: I thought your remarks re: diversity were well chosen. 

We actually do learn things.  I never thought much about exotic plants 
until a 1992 meeting in Spain called attention to the devastation 
wrought in the post-Columbus encounter with the new world. 

As a child I watched hummers in my grandmother's Japanese Honeysuckle, 
trimmed the Privet Hedge, and weaved Daisy chains. How Honeysuckle and 
Privet impose a constant battle, and I never even knew about Garlic 
Mustard, Oriental Bittersweet, or Japanese Polygonum (to name just a 
few) which are completely changing the character of local woodlands in 
central NJ. 

Mike Gochfeld


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