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	Being closely involved with NABA since its beginning,

it surprised
me to find out that there were anti-collecting 
editorials (which are all
written by Glassberg) in American Butterflies. 
Assuming that Jim was correct
and my memory was faulty, at his suggestion, I dug out

the first five
volumes (from Feb 1993 to Winter 1997) and scanned the

editorials for all
this anti-collecting propaganda. I could find none. 
	In fact, I found in the very first editorial the 
following: "Because
a number of people have asked about the position of 
NABA in regard to
collecting butterflies, the board voted to adopt the 
following policy
statement: Collecting butterflies is not included 
among the purposes of NABA
but NABA is not in opposition to other groups for 
which this may be a
legitimate purpose."  
Thanks Fred.  I think we have exhausted this thread.
Earlier posts today actually made fun of watchers.
Satire and  mockery are two different things...Tread

Bob Parcelles, Jr...Heading for the Fakahatchee, to
collect odes for my study. I will watch birds, herps,
lepps and of course mosquitoes.

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