animal rights terrorists, Hitler, Satanic influence and people we disagree with

Patrick Foley patfoley at
Fri Jun 15 11:28:23 EDT 2001

Although I disagree strongly with several lepidopterists on this list
about nonlocal butterfly releases, I had not yet realized (until some of
the last few posts) that having a political or scientific opinion put
you on the slippery slope to terrorism, genocide and world domination.
Should I be worried about this in general or just about me and my

I see people defamed with and without evidence (I prefer my defamations
with evidence please!). Some of the most responsible and harmless people
in the world (Animal Rights advocates, for example, but the list seems
to be growing) are tarred with rather broad brushes. Since we still
believe in individual responsibility, let us hold individuals
responsible for their actions, not for the paranoid fantasies we may
entertain, nor for the stupid or even evil actions of someone else.

Although I am very tall, I do not feel it necessary to apologise for the
trash talk of professional basketball players (actually I kind of wish
they would broadcast it rather than airbrush the sport). Although my
daughter is vegetarian and partly Jewish I do not expect a daily apology
for Hitler's philosophy or Sharon's whereabouts. Unless we know that
Jeff Glassberg is personally fomenting terrorism, perhaps we should
confine our rantings to the careful parsing of NABA bylaws and the
prefaces to JG's books.

Since I seem to be at odds with many on this list, it is worth saying
that I have a great deal of respect for the butterfly lore, knowledge
and gossip you have shared. Now if only age and butterflies brought

Patrick Foley
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