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Fri Jun 15 11:37:14 EDT 2001

At 06:49 AM 6/15/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>  Chris, you wrote: "...and the actions and communications of
>people who identify themselves as NABA members."
>There are certainly some members of NABA whose views on butterflies (or
>national politics) I don't agree with. One person opposed photography
>because it scared butterflies, and some photographers can be really
>obnoxious about hogging a butterfly.
>But I wouldn't condemn LEP SOC because some of its members (or
>former members) have flouted the laws, collect in areas where they
>shouldn't, and even brag about it.

That is because NABA ignores the boorish conduct of some of its members, 
while LepSoc publicly condemns the conduct of illegal activities by some of 
its members.

>One LEP SOC officer proudly introduced me to the National Park Special.

The term I have heard used, mostly in other countries, is "park special". 
This term is used for a small folding net that can  be taken out of, used 
and returned to the pocket without disturbing others in a park or urban 
   The term "National Park Special" I have only heard used by apologists 
for NABA, used in their apocryphal tales of unnamed abusive collectors.
................Chris Durden

>Mike Gochfeld


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