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Neil Jones neil at
Fri Jun 15 12:02:36 EDT 2001

I would like to point out something which I thought everyone knew about
It is one of a tiny number of scientific lists which are gated into the
usenet system.
It is gated to the usenet group (SBEL) and
has been for
as long as I have been on the list. Everything on SBEL goes to leps-l and
vice versa.
It helps more people participate. It also explains some of the odd messages
we occasionally

Usenet is as someone has just pointed out  is the internet newsgroup system.
Newsgroups are transmitted around the world from ISP to ISP.
Anyone with a net connection can read them and there is no way at all to
who is reading them.

I think all this talk of spies is wrong.There are several other ways in
which the leps-l
 can be monitored without subscribing.
It is fairly obvious that any one who keeps their name secret just doesn't
want to
give out their email address in public. Some people are like that. They
might well think it
helps them avoid spam. Believe me, it ain't the gubment a-spyin' on law
abidin' folks
or anyone else like that. :-)

We have seen a great deal of paranoia here recently. Perhaps we should deal
with what
we can prove though rational deduction not what we just feel to be true.

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