Randy Minnehan minnehan at
Fri Jun 15 16:33:16 EDT 2001

"Bob Parcelles,Jr." wrote:

> I personally feel, as a populations biologist that
> release may have an effect on the gene pool and and
> should be used intelligently (which it is not!).  This
> is probaly the main issue, at least as far as
> scientists are concerned.


    I would be most interested if you (or others) could cite actual
studies where butterfly releases HAVE effected "the gene pool".  Or
perhaps you (or others) would care to cite ANY actual research studies
which indicate ANY effects butterfly releases have on ANY butterfly
population or environment?  Myself and others would like to see actual
hard research, not idle speculation.  And do you (or others) feel there
is absolutely no possible side benefits to releases, educational or

    Randy Minnehan


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