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--- Randy Minnehan <minnehan at> wrote:
> "Bob Parcelles,Jr." wrote:
> > I personally feel, as a populations biologist that
> > release may have an effect on the gene pool and
> and
> > should be used intelligently (which it is not!). 
> This
> > is probaly the main issue, at least as far as
> > scientists are concerned.
>  Bob:
>     I would be most interested if you (or others)
> could cite actual
> studies where butterfly releases HAVE effected "the
> gene pool".  Or
> perhaps you (or others) would care to cite ANY
> actual research studies
> which indicate ANY effects butterfly releases have
> on ANY butterfly
> population or environment?  Myself and others would
> like to see actual
> hard research, not idle speculation.  And do you (or
> others) feel there
> is absolutely no possible side benefits to releases,
> educational or
> emotional?
>     Randy Minnehan

Hi Randy,

I see GREAT educational and emotional benefits.

Bob Parcelles

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 "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
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