Leps-l subscribers & spies

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Fri Jun 15 18:27:29 EDT 2001

Ron wrote:

> If President Bush or Pamela Anderson wanted to subscribe to 
> leps-l and for
> the obvious reason didn't want the rest of us to "know" just 
> who they were,
> that would be facilitated easily by code names. They would be 
> "concealed".
> To me the concealed on Leps-l are nothing less than spies who 
> never post -
> they just - well, just spy - on YOU.  This just seems so 
> un-American to me.
> RG

Well, while I understand (and share) your sentiment here - I think you're
overlooking the other motivation for concealment:  privacy.  That is another
thing that is cherished in George Bush's United States.  Many of the people
on the Internet do not trust the ease of access with which public email
addresses provide into their private lives.

It does tend to be a bit obnoxious, however.  I suppose it's nice to shield
yourself from abuse, but the idea that you can comfortably throw stones
without anyone knowing from where those stones originated is bothersome.

Mark Walker


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