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Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Fri Jun 15 19:26:55 EDT 2001

John Shuey wrote about the usefulness of the pocket net for traveling.  When
I first moved to Vermont back in 1996, I broke down and bought one -
complete with several extensions - but it was immediately lost when all of
my luggage was stolen on my way to the airport.  I never got to swing it
even once.

Since then, I've been traveling all over the world - and carrying my trusty
wooden pole handle everywhere I go.  It doesn't extend, nor does it
collapse.  One flight attendant tried to refuse my bringing it onboard (she
thought I might use it to clobber someone), but I insisted that I would be
lost without it (no, I didn't pretend to be blind).  It becomes a serious
bother when I have to run to make connections.  It's also a problem when
overhead bin space is limited (which it always is, these days).

All sorts of people give me a good staring, as I run about the airport and
through the rental car agencies, as the stick isn't large enough to qualify
as a cane or a weapon.  Some actually ask the begged for question - "what
are you going to do with that?".

"Kill bugs", I don't reply (well - sometimes I do).

Perhaps you've seen me at the airport?  Look for a guy carrying a black
laptop bag, dragging an overnight bag, and walking clumsily with a
protruding wooden stick in hopes that I don't poke someone's eye out.  Oh,
and I'll likely be wearing hiking shorts, a dirty T-shirt, and heavy hiking
boots with thick wool socks.  You might also see me picking the burrs and
ticks out of the socks while waiting to board (occasionally, I'll be forced
to travel in my engineering attire - which makes the stick look even more

I suppose I should break down and purchase another travel net.  It would
greatly simplify my already complicated business travel (and please don't
suggest that I "leave it at home and forget the bugs" - as my wife so
frequently suggests - ha! I'm so sure).

Mark Walker.



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