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Mike Soukup mikayak at mdo.net
Fri Jun 15 19:51:17 EDT 2001

I take a pocket net everywhere.  Funny thing is, when I'm out in the field for
butterflies, I usually end up using the pocket net over any of my others.  My
lightning-quick reflexes aren't slowed down by the drag of a big net!!

Mark Walker wrote:

> John Shuey wrote about the usefulness of the pocket net for traveling.  When
> I first moved to Vermont back in 1996, I broke down and bought one -
> complete with several extensions - but it was immediately lost when all of
> my luggage was stolen on my way to the airport.  I never got to swing it
> even once.
> Since then, I've been traveling all over the world - and carrying my trusty
> wooden pole handle everywhere I go.  It doesn't extend, nor does it
> collapse.  One flight attendant tried to refuse my bringing it onboard (she
> thought I might use it to clobber someone), but I insisted that I would be
> lost without it (no, I didn't pretend to be blind).  It becomes a serious
> bother when I have to run to make connections.  It's also a problem when
> overhead bin space is limited (which it always is, these days).
> All sorts of people give me a good staring, as I run about the airport and
> through the rental car agencies, as the stick isn't large enough to qualify
> as a cane or a weapon.  Some actually ask the begged for question - "what
> are you going to do with that?".
> "Kill bugs", I don't reply (well - sometimes I do).
> Perhaps you've seen me at the airport?  Look for a guy carrying a black
> laptop bag, dragging an overnight bag, and walking clumsily with a
> protruding wooden stick in hopes that I don't poke someone's eye out.  Oh,
> and I'll likely be wearing hiking shorts, a dirty T-shirt, and heavy hiking
> boots with thick wool socks.  You might also see me picking the burrs and
> ticks out of the socks while waiting to board (occasionally, I'll be forced
> to travel in my engineering attire - which makes the stick look even more
> peculiar).
> I suppose I should break down and purchase another travel net.  It would
> greatly simplify my already complicated business travel (and please don't
> suggest that I "leave it at home and forget the bugs" - as my wife so
> frequently suggests - ha! I'm so sure).
> Mark Walker.
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