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Sun Jun 17 23:37:51 EDT 2001

Thanks to Rudy and Chris for the replies regarding Asclepius in
Europe.  Permit me (and perhaps forgive me) for giving you the
background for my query:  Television.  On Saturday a program
about "migration" came on one of the cable channels.  It featured
Monarch Butterflies.  Yes, and whales and some geese.  But, the
Monarch factor loomed large in this bit of video cheese and it
seemed that the production was also very much about proving a
budget worthwhile for computer animation equipment.  I digress,
sorry.  Part of the Monarch sequences depicted a poor Danaus
whipped across the whole, entire, vast, range of teeming and surging
Atlantic by a New England storm only to land very much alive but
with no means of reproduction because "on this side of the Atlantic
there is NO MILKWEED."   I really should have asked, "Hey, there
are no Monarch's in England or all of Europe for that matter because
there is no milkweed I saw it on tv?"  I mean, I'm bothering scientists
with questions regarding tv source material, yikes.  Thanks for your
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