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> Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> > Actually it's up to those who are commercially invested in
> > butterfly release to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that there
> > is no disruption to the gene pool nor harm to anyone at any time.
> >
> > Those who oppose it have NO OBLIGATION (in my not very humble view) to
> > demonstrate that it is harmful.
>  Excuse me, but exactly how do you prove something that does not exist?  I
> asked a trick question earlier when I asked for proof that releases effect
> local populations, because that are NO scientific studies or research that
> have ever shown that butterfly releases have any effect on gene pools or
> local populations in ANY way!

This is a classic error of science. Absence of evidence is not evidence
of absence.

> It's easy to turn the tables such as you have
> when you have nothing to back you up!  Since you want scientific proof that
> no harm is done from releases, I can cite:  Dr. Bruce Walsh, associate
> professor, University of Arizona, a well known population specialist has
> proven that the fitness of local butterfly populations is not decreased by
> interbreeding with released individuals.

This is another classic error of science. Argument from authority.
A logical construct is not valid because some expert states it but
because it stands on its own merit.

>       Glassberg's writings have been proven time and again to be nothing but
> hot air. 

You are wrong. You obviously have a strong belief that you are correct.
Belief in something does not mmean that it is correct.

 Show us some scientific proof of ANY harm being done by butterfly
> releases.  You cannot.
>       Randy Minnehan

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