Rolling Blackout demonstration for energy conservation-June 2 1

Heath, Fred Fred.Heath at
Thu Jun 21 21:26:08 EDT 2001

Dear Paul,
	Let's see if I understand your logic: If a member of an organization
does something, then the organization is promoting this. Thus if a member of
the Republican Party (or it could be the Democratic Party or the Green Party
for that matter) plans and commits a murder, then the Republican Party is
promoting murder!!! Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it????
	Then let's see the other half of your statement: If you turn out
your lights and maybe unplug your TV set you are commiting an act of
terrorism!!! Wow, I'm glad you explained that to me. Next time I go camping,
I will take a very long extension cord, with one end plugged into my home
wall socket. I will also bring my TV and microwave, so I can watch "Captain
Video" reruns while warming up my marshmallows in the microwave. Other wise
I'll probably have to hide out in Afghanistan with the rest of the
terrorists. That would be awful since Jeff hasn't yet written "Butterflies
Through Binoculars" for that part of the world. Thanks a lot Paul.
---Warm regards, Fred

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> Michael Gochfeld wrote:
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> > Paul recently circulated the following message to the list.
> > 
> > It wasn't clear to me whether he was encouraging list members to
> > participate in tonight's rolling blackout in order to demonstrate that
> > energy conservation is a valuable environmental strategy, or whether he
> > was using it as an illustration that certain individuals are
> > subversive.  He sounded relieved that NABA's activism extended to many
> > environmental issues.  
> Relieved?  More like shock that NABA could promote and participate
> in an act of terrorism that could threaten countless lives around the USA
> and world; i.e. Wanda Dameron of NABA wrote:
> "there will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the
>  first day of summer, June 21 at 7 pm - 10 pm in any time zone
> (this will roll it across the planet)."
> Paul Cherubini
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