TX Moth Larva ID

Wendolyn Browne spindletopapbt at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 22 20:22:08 EDT 2001

Can anyone help ID a caterpillar which has gone into its cocoon stage, found
near Houston, TX? The larva was found eating our mums and we fed it mums,
nasturtiums and marigolds until it entered its cocoon, with a wooly outer
cocoon and a hard black case inside. As a caterpillar, it was roughly 2.5"
with fuzzy black hair and a red-orange stripes in its segments and its feet.
We have looked at the photo ID sites and haven't found one that matches our
We're concerned that he's been in his cocoon for a month without hatching,
as our Painted Lady butterflies had a short metamorphosis.
Please send replies by email, as I may not be able to frequent this ng.
Thanks in advance.


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