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Hank & Priscilla Brodkin hankb at theriver.com
Sat Jun 23 14:23:16 EDT 2001

Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> We are very fond of Peonies (which I think are in the Buttercup
> family) and have about 80 plants, many of which were obtained by my
> grandmother more than 75 years ago.  Almost all are "doubles" and I have
> never seen a butterfly on bud or blossom.

We know someone down here who knows quite a bit about plants (we
don't).  We she gives talks on growing gardens for butterflies and
hummingbirds she advises against buying plants that have been bred for
the nursery trade.  She feels that altering the genetics to produce more
colorful and more complicated blooms sometimes selects against producing
as much nectar as  the unaltered native plants.
On the other hand we have friends who own a guest ranch in the
Huachucas.  They purchase catalog seeds and if a native plant is in the
cultivated areas - I have yet to see it.
However right now those gardens are covered with literally hundreds of
BTW if any of you are birders, a singing Tropical Parula, Arizona's
second or third record was up there yesterday.  Let me know privately if
any of you want info on this.

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