Paul Cherubini on pesticides

John Grehan jrg13 at
Fri Jun 22 22:20:27 EDT 2001

While I have been less opposed to some of Paul Cherubini's positions I feel 
more cautious to note that while malathion may be approved for direct 
application, and while it may be sprayed directly on a good portion of the 
USA's wheat crop so everyone on this list (older than 20) has grown up on a 
diet that included Malathion residues (assuming malathion was also sprayed 
on the crops of non-US list members), this of itself does not mean the 
chemical is necessarily 'safe'. The possibility that this chemical, whether 
alone, or in combination to the many other chemicals we are exposed to on a 
regular basis, is having a detrimental impact on our health remains a 
possibility. Perhaps they are even detrimental to biodiversity in general.

John Grehan


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