Butterflies Nectar Preferences

Anne Kilmer viceroy at anu.ie
Sat Jun 23 00:35:43 EDT 2001

mbpi at juno.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> As an adjunct to Mike Gochfeld's query on roses not being a prefered
> butterfly nectar source...
> I noticed in the Butterfly Exhibit where I am currently working that
> Peonies, which share a similar inflorescence to roses, are much coveted
> by butterflies when they are in the bud stage, but not after they've
> opened...  Like ants, they seem to prefer the sticky residue!
> Mary Beth Prondzinski
> ____________
My  columbines are much visited by butterflies, who seem to think that
the interesting part is the top of the flower, near the stem. Bumblebees
are expert, and go in among the skirts. But I've wondered whether there
might be some extra-floral nectaries, as one wouldn't expect a butterfly
to keep making the same mistake. 
Anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland


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